Tesla Litigates Former Employee For Making Fake Claims And Allegedly Stealing Of Data

Tesla sued a former employee for purportedly thieving gigabytes of data, making a fake statement about the media. The company sued this former employee as he illegally exported gigabytes that had sensitive data, as per the lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Nevada.

The electric vehicle manufacturer said it was just beginning to understand the alleged illegal activities of former technician Martin Tripp. The lawsuit states that “Tripp has so far agreed about creating software that hacked the Tesla MOS (Manufacturing Operating System) and transferred gigabytes of Tesla’s data to external parties.”

The data includes “Tesla’s dozens of production videos and confidential photos.”

In addition, Tesla claims that Tripp has written a computer code for the regular export of Tesla data to third parties.

The complaint also alleges that Tripp made a false declaration in the media. For example, Tripp claimed that perforated battery cells were used in some Model 3 vehicles, even though no such batteries or faulty equipment were used in vehicles,” he added. He also mentioned the amount of scrap Tesla produces during the manufacturing process, and false claims that Tesla has experienced delays in delivering owing to bringing new production equipment online.

Tesla said in a lawsuit that Tripp complained that he did not have a major role in the company and was fighting with his colleagues with a destructive nature. The lawsuit alleges that Tripp acted in reprisal for being named to a new role in Tesla.

Tesla declined to comment on the trial. Tripp cannot be contacted for comment.

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