The Kremlin Performed One More Successful Trial Of A Hypersonic Weapon

The Kremlin Performed One More Successful Trial Of A Hypersonic WeaponReportedly, Russia carried another successful trial of a hypersonic weapon system that is capable of transporting nuclear warheads, the Kremlin announced recently. Moscow’s hypersonic glide vehicle—named as Avangard—has been in construction for three decades and has the capability of traveling a minimum five times the pace of sound or almost one mile per second. The hypersonic weapon, which the U.S. is presently unable to guard against, is planned to sit atop a transnational ballistic missile. Once it is launched, it utilizes aerodynamic energy to navigate on top of the atmosphere.

Sources well-known with the U.S. intelligence stated that Russia’s hypersonic glide automobiles are outfitted with onboard fixes that are capable of defeating even the higher missile-defense systems. The weapons are extremely maneuverable and unpredictable, which makes them tricky to track. In May, CNBC stated that Russia effectively tested the weapon in 2016 two times, as per to sources familiar with knowledge of the U.S. intelligence report. The third well-known trial of the device was conducted in October 2017 and outcome in a breakdown when the platform smashed seconds prior striking its target. One of the U.S. intelligence reports noted that the hypersonic glide automobiles would connect to Russia’s arsenal by 2020, which is an important step that would permit the Kremlin to exceed the U.S. and China in this regard.

On a similar note, recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the hazard of nuclear war should not be taken for granted. He also criticized the U.S. move to remove from an international nuclear treaty. Addressing the annual media press conference, Putin stated that the jeopardy of the circumstances is being minimized. He further added, “Now it seems to be not possible, something without fundamental importance, but simultaneously if anything like this would occur this would cause to the decline of the entire evolution and maybe our planet.

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