To Keep The UK Auto Industry Fit, Investment Is The Key

Britain’s auto industry is the most flexible in Europe, says the new chief, Toyota Motor Europe, head of London, who says measures need to be taken to combat skills shortages and boost investment in R & D after Brexit.

The Automotive Council report, a partnership amid the automotive industry and the government, interviewed UK carmakers with eight performance indicators to evaluate the UK’s attractiveness to auto companies with other nations.

To Keep The UK Auto Industry Fit, Investment Is The Key

The UK was the first in Europe and the second in the United States, with strong working relationships, the willingness of employees to become accustomed to shifting markets and the flexibility of working standards, which have been identified as vital benefits.

However, the report mentions several risks to future competitiveness, comprising the level of public investment in R & D, scarcity of qualified engineers, and the possible turn down in political stability after Brexit. He said it is necessary to attract and develop new skills so that British industry can lead to the transition to electrification, digitization, and autonomy.

Tony Walker, director of the London office of Toyota Motor Europe and chairman of the Department of Skills and Environment of the Automotive Industry Council, said the report shows that British industry personnel “contributed to the industry’s accomplishment.”

He added, “We have built a solid status for developing and producing high-quality advanced vehicles, engines, and components through close association with the government.

“In this moment of thoughtful change, this partnership will be more important than ever.” The focus now must be to attract and develop the accurate skills to reach our ambitions and a Brexit agreement that delivers political stability, which is essential to draw future investment.”

Earlier in this month, total number of 49 start ups and SME’s were invited to present their thought of innovative solutions for mobility to some of the leading auto giants such as Bosch, Toyota, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, and Ford.

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