Toshiba Rolls Out New Range Of Internal Hard Drives

Toshiba, the Japan-located electronics firm, has extended its series of hard drive goods in India by declaring 6 new series of user internal HDDs. The goods rolled out comprise the L200 Laptop PC Hard Drive, P300 Desktop PC Hard Drive, N300 NAS Hard Drive, X300 Performance Hard Drive, V300 Video Streaming Hard Drive, and S300 Surveillance Hard Drive.

The 2.5-inch L200 Laptop PC Hard Drive range offers almost 2 TB of capacity. It is vibration and shock-resistant. Its low power profile assists optimize the battery life of the device. The P300 Desktop PC Hard Drive range has the storage capacity of almost 3 TB. The model comes with inbuilt shock sensors to sense impact and lower the vibration at the time of write and read operations. It works at 7,200rpm.

The N300 NAS Hard Drive series has a storage capacity of almost 10 TB and sports a huge 256 MB data buffer and 7,200rpm. The device is optimized for reliability, performance, scalability, and endurance needed in NAS environments in which huge amounts of information requirements to be competently accessed and stored daily.

The X300 Performance Hard Drive series provides almost 10 TB of capacity and sports cache technology of Toshiba. The tech assists in increasing cache allocation at the time of write and read operations to offer real-time high performance. The X300 performs at 7,200rpm, is accessible in a 3.5-inch form factor, and comes with an elevated cache of almost 256 MB.

On a similar note, Japan’s Sharp Corp claimed that it will purchase personal computer business of Toshiba Corp for 4 Billion Yen (almost $36 million). This highlighted the Sharp’s recovery below the management of Foxconn and marking an entry to a business it stepped out 8 Years back. Sharp was once recognized as a primary supplier of smartphone displays and high-end TVs.

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