Touchpad Not Working? Here Are 6 Tips To Help You!

A touchpad is used to move the cursor on your laptop without using a mouse. at times there are situations when you encounter the error stating “laptop touchpad not working Windows 10”. Below mentioned are 7 fixes that you can try on various models and companies of your laptop touchpad to solve the problem and bring your touchpads back to the normal working position.

Tip 1- Touchpad not working? Try restarting your computer.

The most basic way to fix the laptop touchpad not working situation is either by rebooting or by restarting your computer. Rebooting or restarting your computer can help you to repair time issues present on your Windows. After restarting your device, you can check whether or not the touchpad of your laptop works now or not. If it works, proceed with your assignment. If it doesn’t,  try following the below-mentioned methods.

Tip 2- Touchpad not working? Try enabling touchpad settings.

Try enabling the touchpad settings to fix this problem. The steps to do so are mentioned below.

Step 1- Click on start.

Step 2- Click on settings.

Step 3- Click on devices.

Step 4- Click on the touchpad. Check if the touchpad is turned on, if not turn it On under Touchpad.

Tip 3- Touchpad not working? Check that your touchpad is not accidentally disabled.

sometimes there is also a possibility that your touchpad can be accidentally disabled by pressing a combination of the function key and another key. This combination can trigger the touch on or off. 

You can enable the touchpad again by using the fn key. But various versions of computers have different touchpad hotkeys, ie. different combinations. Some may work with F8, F6, while others may work with F1, F12. 

An easy way to turn on the touchpad again is mentioned below:

Step 1- Press Windows + R keys.

Step 2- Type cpl in the Run box.

Step 3- Hit enter.

Step 4- Select device settings.

Step 5- Select Your Touchpad> Enable> Apply> ok.

Tip 4- Touchpad not working? Try updating your driver.

A corrupted, faulty, or wrong Touchpad driver might also be a reason for the Touchpad not working. To solve this problem you can try updating the Touchpad driver to see if the Touchpad works again. The steps to do so are mentioned below:

Step 1- Press windows+X keys and click on device manager.

Step 2- Navigate your path to Touchpad settings from the list. 

Step 3- right-click on it and select the option of update driver followed by search automatically for updated driver software.

Step 4- Windows 10 will automatically start scanning and install the latest version of the Touchpad drivers.

Tip 5- Touchpad not working? Try updating your windows 10 driver.

Conducting a complete update of your Windows 10 version can also help to tackle the problem of your laptop’s Touchpad not working. The steps to do so are mentioned below.

Step 1- Start> Settings> Update and security> Check for update.

Step 2- The computer will automatically start looking for the latest version of drivers and install it on your computer.

Tip 6- Touchpad not working? Show your laptop to a repair shop.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work, try sending your laptop to a repair store where a professional can check your laptop and repair it.


We hope that all the above-introduced tricks will be helpful to you. 🙂

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