UK Proposes New Online Safety Law To Fight Damaging Content

On Monday, the government of Britain has announced some new security laws for internet safety. They stated that if any social media firm fails to protect the users from any harmful content on their platforms then it will have to bear penalties.

After the death of 14-year girl, the incident got the spotlight. Parent of Molly Russell said that she saw some online material on depression and suicide. This clearly reflected the easy access to damaged material, especially among young people. The abusive, disturbing and politically manipulative content on the internet is the reason for many other such cases and thus many governments from all over the globe are fighting to protect their citizens.

Recently, such an event took place at the mosque of New Zealand. The live streaming of mass shooting on Facebook by the culprits shook the whole world. Although the video was deleted, yet it was already played and downloaded by millions of users all across the globe.

The Britain government said in a policy paper of British media that it would focus on imposing fines, liability on the responsible tech companies and blocking the websites to reduce and prevent the spread of destructive and harmful content.

Facebook stated on the issue that regulations were severely needed to attain the standard approach on all the social media platforms. Also, they said that they are eagerly looking forward to working with the British government to make sure that these regulations are successfully implemented and effective.

UK Public Policy head of Facebook, Rebecca Stimson said that if any new law strikes out then it should surely have a perfect balance between free speech of innovation and protecting the society. She added that there are many critical issues that should be fixed and she is looking forward to work with the British government which will make sure that these new laws are effective.

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