All The Information You Need Regarding Update Library!

What is UpdateLibrary?

Before getting to know how to fix startup UpdateLibrary, you should know what exactly is UpdateLibrary? 

UpdateLibrary basically is a scheduled task that runs in the windows operating system and hinders the proper working of the media player by preventing it from starting and shutting down. But it also helps us in sharing and stream in media with other devices wirelessly over the network with the help of a windows media player. 

But in some situations, the software starts using many resources, hence resulting in a lag in your system, and preventing a system to operate normally. Do you need to fix the startup UpdateLibrary for the smooth performance of your computer?

How to fix UpdateLibrary?

Various fixes to help you and your computer with the problem of UpdateLibrary are mentioned below.

Fix 1- Disable UpdateLibrary running in the task manager.

There is a startup tab present in the task manager that lists all the applications for the startup of your computer. Try disabling the startup for updateLibrary in the task manager in order to forbid it from popping up. The steps to do so are mentioned below-

Step 1- Right-click on the taskbar and select the option of the task manager.

Step 2- Switch to the startup tab. A long list of functions will appear in front of you.

Step 3- Select the function of UpdateLibrary from the list and right-click on the option to select the disable option.

Step 4- Reboot your computer to check whether your problem is solved or not.

Fix 2- Modify the function of updateLibrary in the registry editor. 

If your problem is not solved you can try and modify the update library function by using the registry editor. The steps to do so I mentioned below.

Step 1- Select the Windows + R keys at the same time from your keyboard. A run dialogue box will appear in front of you. Type the code regedit and press the enter button to execute the command.

Step 2- The registry editor page will be opened in front of you. Now follow the given path:


Step 3- Right-click on the option of disable discovery value and then click on modify to modify updateLibrary.

Step 4- Finally, in the field of value data, and change the value of 0 to the value 1. Now click ok.

Fix 3- Try renaming.

Another option how to disable the pop-ups of UpdateLibrary is to rename 

wmpnscfg.exe to wmpnscfg.exe.old.

Follow the steps given below to make the necessary changes.

Step 1- At once select Ctrl+ shift+ Esc keys on the keyboard to open task manager.

Step 2- Amongstvarious other options find the option of windows media player network sharing service and right-click on it. Now navigate your path to the open file location.

Step 3- Find the command of wmpnscfg.exe and select the option to rename. Change the name of wmpnscfg.exe to wmpnscfg.exe.old and click on ok.

Step 4- In the storage box of your device type notepad and press enter to open it. Go to File and select the option of saving as.

Step 5- Next select the option of all files under the to save as option and choose C:\\Program Files\\Windows Media Player as the target location.

Step 6– Save the file named as wmpnscfg.exe.old.

Fix 4- Use antivirus software.

Sometimes viruses and malware can also cause pop-ups. Use antivirus software to prevent this. 


We hope that the information regarding update library and the fixes were helpful to you.

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