US Navy Stated America’s Most Costly Weapons System Set For War

The U.S. Navy reported that its convoy of F-35C fighter jets is all set for battle, the U.S. DoD (Department of Defense) announced. The Navy joins the Air Force and Marine Corps as the third and final service division to announce their F-35 is ready for war. DeWolfe Miller—Commander Naval Air Forces and Vice Admiral—in a statement stated, “The F-35C is prepared for operations, combat, and win. We are adding an absurd weapon system into the armory of our CSG (carrier strike groups) that considerably augments the ability of the joint force.” Lockheed Martin—which is the Pentagon’s main weapons supplier—designed three alternatives of the fighter for the purpose of accommodating the exclusive necessitates of each sister-service division: the F-35B for the Marine Corps, the F-35A for the Air Force and F-35C for the Navy.

US Navy Stated America’s Most Costly Weapons System Set For War

In a statement, Greg Ulmer—General Manager of the F-35 program and Lockheed Martin’s Vice President—stated, “This landmark is the outcome of unwavering commitment from our joint administration and industry team concentrated on delivering the most deadly, survivable, and associated fighter jet in the world to the women and men of the U.S. Navy.” The F-35—which is a fifth-generation covertness fighter—prized at a takeover charge of $406.5 Billion is one of the most tested programs in the Pentagon’s history.

Relating to the U.S. Navy, recently, the ships passed via discreet Taiwan Strait, irking China. The U.S. sent two Navy ships via the Taiwan Strait since the U.S. military amplified the occurrence of movement throughout the premeditated waterway in spite of opposition from China. The journey risks escalating tensions with China but will possibly be seen by self-ruled Taiwan as an indication of help from the Trump government between enlarging friction amid Taipei and Beijing.

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