Venus Is Not Dead After-All, Scientists Discover

A new research states that Venus might not be a dead star, as predicted earlier. This statement is a result of the recent observations of volcanic eruptions and tectonic activities. Scientists are now engaged on new theories regarding landscape of the planet.

The research also states that there might be some ‘toffee planets’ existing in the space. These theories were discussed at the 50th Lunar & Planetary Science Conference (LPSC). This conference took place in Woodlands, Texas.

Mars is another planet in focus. There has been continuous study on this planet from past few decades. For studying the nature and behavior of Venus, scientists have used data available from Magellan; it is a NASA project which was completed in 1994. Since then, Venus Express (European mission) and Akatsuki (Japanese spacecraft) have been placed there. But both these scientific tools focus on atmospheric science. While astronomers did not think there will be a new mission for Venus, now there are chances that there will be more focus in this area.

ESA, which is the European Space Agency, is strategizing a new mission regarding the planet; the project has been named as EnVision. Two other astronomy projects which are in discussion are Theseus and Spica. Venus is now so much in focus that just not researchers in this same field but also people from other fields are showing interest in the planet research, giving new ideas and offering their own expertise.

Venus is a high temperature planet. the surface comes with 500 degree centigrade. It is so hot that lead can melt when it comes in its contact. The thick atmospheric environment is another factor which makes life inexistent in it. Surprisingly, both Earth and Venus started in similar ways. This has been stated by Dr. Richard Ghail, who works at the London University.

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