Weight Loss Surgery Likely To Enhance Complications During Pregnancy, Child Birth

Recently, scientists have conducted an analysis of 14,800 pregnant women who had undergone surgeries regarding weight loss. The study made an inference that women who had undergone weight reduction surgeries have to be more careful during their pregnancy.

During a press conference, Zainab Akhter said that women who had undergone gastric bypass and bariatric surgeries are more prone to adverse outcomes during their surgery. He further said that women who had undergone such treatments should consult their physicians and take nutritional support during their pregnancy. Zainab further advised that such women should also keep proper monitoring for their fetus.

The research also stated that women who are obese may also develop gestational diabetes as well as hypertension. The researchers also said that bypass surgeries may hinder the nutrition absorption by the fetus and hinder its overall growth.

To study the effect of gastric surgery, researchers have done a thorough meta-analysis and found that near around 57% of babies born after weight loss surgery are premature. Findings further state that doctors have to keep 41% of babies into ICU and 29% suffered from congenital diseases. Studies further revealed that women are likely to give birth to babies who are 200 grams lighter than normally delivered boy or girl.

While talking to the press, Zainab said that at present no solid connections can be set between weight loss surgery and fetal development. He further said that in most of the cases women who undergo bariatric surgery suffer from poor absorption of micronutrients. He further put more emphasis on further studies regarding the present research so that scientists can pinpoint some more findings. Few researchers also believe that the research is in the initial stage and at present, it is very difficult to make any genuine conclusion. They also pinpointed unmeasured confounding process.

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