You Can Now Add Google Drawings In Google Docs

Google has rolled out a small, but useful function for G Suite users in Docs. You can now add Google Drawings directly into a Google Doc that are saved in Drive.

Earlier, you could not add a current Google Drawing inside a Google Doc—drawings had to be created manually inside the document. Now, the option for “Drawing” in the “Insert” drop-down menu will allow you to either choose “From Drive” or “New,” permitting you to navigate to a current drawing on Drive to add it. If that drawing ever modifies, an “Update” option in the corner at the top right will make certain all content in the paper is updated with the source files.

The new functionality, which started launching out from this month, is accessible for all G Suite versions. Google claims not everybody will see it right away—it has an expanded launch out of possibly more than 15 Days.

On a related note, earlier Microsoft claimed that it is including real-time subtitles and captions to PowerPoint in early 2019. The captions and subtitles are developed to assist support the “hard of hearing” or deaf community, and even permit users to add a presentation’s translation. Live subtitles and captions will display on-screen in over 60 different languages and support 12 spoken languages.

The captions are based on current AI work by Microsoft, and the firm has been employing analogous software to fuel its personal presentations in recent times to offer translations and captions to users. Users will be capable of customizing the subtitles’ appearance to match a presentation, and the speech recognition shall adjust for more precise terminology on the basis of context. Microsoft had earlier employed an add-in to offer this kind of PowerPoint feature, and Google also offers analogous functions in G Suite.

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