Your Purchases Through Goggle Gmail Are Never Erased From Their Log!

Google as well as other tech giants, recently, have undergone rigorous criticism for not able to answer how data is being collected, stored and used, how data is being protected and why they often fail to police the content which is being posted on their platforms.

Google with its useful services like Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Search, Gmail and most importantly Google Assistant has so deeply embedded in the life of people. Although, these tools are very beneficial in your life but these benefits come with a cost i.e. our privacy. However, Sundar Pichai had said earlier that privacy was not a luxury good. But, users are still concerned about the fact that Google will be collecting more data and details and this will make difficult for user to know what is being collected and deleted from their private data.

On a popular news platform, a writer mentioned in his article that Google saves all your purchase history in which you have used or connected your Gmail account. This was mentioned on the Management page of Google Accounts and that means all your purchase history could save on Google. If you have bought groceries from grocery store and got receipt signed up at Gmail address then this transaction detail will get stored. If you have picked up any prescription from pharmacy store at your Gmail address then it will be stored too and nothing of it gets erased, ever, even if you bulk delete the mails.

You can check all of yours details on Google’s Purchases page. Google has replied in this context that they have added this feature so that you can recheck or reorder with the help of Google Assistant, even those things that you haven’t got mail for or something you directly bought from the offline stores.

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