YouTube comes under criticism for banning users questionably

The occasional moderation by YouTube has once more come into the questionable spotlight as the victim in this case is especially prominent. The service has said that the legions of fans account of Markiplier have been reinstated after the accounts had been banned just for emotes spamming while they were voting during a play through that was happening live for A Heist with Markiplier which is an interactive movie. Not all of the accounts have been reinstated according to Markiplier however YouTube has added that it is going to look into why the human moderators had denied their appeals and how something similar can be prevented from happening in future.

This change of heart had come after Mark Fischbach who is also known as Markiplier had posted a video which illustrated how the fans had been banned for trivial reasons and also the examples of appeals being denied also how a few of the users had to face consequences. He even explained that it wasn’t just kicking people out but also affecting their entire accounts as people lost their channel memberships, videos and also the access to the important services which they

He also criticized YouTube for their claims that the appeals had been reviewed carefully and also noted that there had been an instance where a user had succeeded with his appeal but had been banned immediately again for no reason seemingly.

The incident has also brought to notice the limitations and complications of the approach of YouTube towards moderation. Although, the size of the video website does require some kind of automated surveillance it is not sure of whether it is interpreting everything in a correct manner.

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