1st All Women Spacewalk On March 29, 2019

By March end a five member women team will break all barriers related to space exploration by being the first all-women group to walk in space together. The news was broken by UBS bank to its investors stating that the event is symbolic for them too. As the women from NASA will create history this month which will be a historical leap for women it also amplifies message of gender equality. Investment bank UBS stated that both events of space exploration and gender equality is expected to have major economic implications across the world. McKinsey &Co’s analytic report says that gap between percentage of both genders participating in international workforce is likely to get narrowing in next 6 years.

UBS has also found out that companies where 20 % of board of directors or senior management comprised of women were more profitable compared to firms that were less gender diverse by several metrics. The spacewalk will be done on 29th March to replace batteries on the exterior of ISS. Participants will comprise of two astronauts from NASA namely Christina Koch and Anne McClain who will be conducting extravehicular activity while on earth the team of flight director Mary L. and flight controllers Kristen F. and Jackie K. will together guide the astronauts.

The all-women spacewalk had been announced through a tweet by Facciol on March 1. COO and president of SpaceX Gwynne Shotwell hopes to encourage more women to join space exploration companies like her. Her sentiment is echoed by other space firms too as Virgin Galactic last month sent its chief astronaut and trainer Beth M. to space as its first test passenger on its spacecraft making her the first lady to fly on a commercial spacecraft made by US. Expressing her joy at the experience Moses told press that it was the start of great achievement for all humanity besides fulfilling her lifelong ambition of space travel.

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