Africa Resorting to Wind Energy to Meet Electricity Demands

Africa is the least electrified continent in the world and the electrification rate has been growing slower than it has been anywhere else on the face of the earth

For shoring the deficit up the national grids which are lacking the efficiency and capacity for powering homes have been turning to solar power now and it has been deployed as an alternative which is going to be viable in spite of the skepticism which has been faced from the bureaucratic point of view. However there is no evidence yet that the leading economies of Africa have been looking for a diversification even further with the wind power being an important power choice as well.

Africa Resorting to Wind Energy

In the previous year, Ethiopia, Morocco and Egypt had been the countries which were leading the installation of wind power in the area as per the recent data which has come out of the GWEC. However this is only the beginning with the rate of the installation of wind power projected to be accelerating in the coming five years. The GWEC has been projecting to produce 10.7 GW of the capacity of wind energy in the regions by the year 2024.

The most advanced economy of the continent, South Africa is going to lead the drive for the installations of wind power with a further addition of 3.3 GW in its energy capacity by the year 2024. The urgent recourse of South Africa has been linked to the problems which have been going on in the country. The problems of South Africa have been rooted at being unable to see an expansion in the infrastructure of electricity in a quick manner.

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