20% Of People In The US Have Purchased Fake Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is due on May 10, 2019. And those looking for gifts are anticipated to create a $25 Billion sales record. This is as per the National Retail Federation. And some of those users may be purchasing counterfeit gifts for their moms. This was stated by Red Points (the online intellectual property firm), whose research claims 20% of people in the US at some point have purchased copycats for the occasion.

Mother's Day Gifts

Even though most users may unwittingly have offered counterfeit watches, bracelets, or other presents to their moms, not all have been deceived.

“Almost 1 in 3 users confessed to having brought a counterfeit for their mothers deliberately,” claimed CEO of Red Points, Laura Urquizu, to the media in an interview. The firm studied 1,500 people in the US for their research, which Urquizu claimed does not comprise data on whether or not their moms were aware of this.

Those deliberately purchasing fakes were most likely to select watches and jewelry, Red Points claims.

The NRF, which predicts 84% of adults in the US will purchase presents for their mothers, claimed that jewelry is a well-liked buyout for the holiday,

“We have been witnessing investment on gifts of jewelry increasing over the past various years and it added to over 30% of the modification in investment from 2018 to 2019,” senior director at the NRF for Consumer and Industry Insights, Katherine Cullen, claimed to the media. “This is on top of their investment on Mother’s Day standards such as flowers and greeting cards.”

The retail organization predicts 35% of people celebrating Mother’s Day will purchase jewelry for their mothers on the holiday. Even though jewelry is the 5th most well-liked Mother’s Day gift section (after flowers, cards, clothing/accessories, and gift cards), it has the highest total investment estimate and is anticipated to create $5.2 Billion in revenue.

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