2I/Borisov Named Comet To Visit The Sun On 8th December

Another star’s comet is going to swing by the Earth’s Sun on the 8th of December. The comet is called 2I/Borisov and it is the very first which has been seen coming from the interstellar space. In spite of its origins being unknown, the astronomers have said that this comet is pretty familiar when it comes to how this comet looks.

The astronomers have said that this comet is a lot like the comets in our solar system. They’ve said that wherever its origins are, the comet has formed in a way which is very similar to the comet of our own solar system.

The comet had been spotted for the first time by Gennady Borisov who is an amateur astronomer in the month of August. The professionals were quick to then follow up and establish that this comet did not belong to our solar system. Most of the comets of our solar system are found in the region which is called Oort Cloud. This is a region which is 30–50 times from the Sun than the orbit of Earth. Borisov though is coming from a point in deep space.

Ye Quanzhi, who is among the many astronomers who are trying to trace its origins, along with his colleagues have been trying to trace the trajectory and look at the photos of the comet to figure out the star which it had visited last. He says that the Universe being as big as it is, it becomes difficult to ascertain correctly and one can only speculate.

The experts can only say that the comet has come from very far away. There is also mystery behind the formation of the comet.

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