China Wants To Be A Global Economic And Political Leader

The ambition of Chinese President, Xi Jinping is clear as he wants his country to reach greatness to a global level and wants to establish his country as the most prominent political and economic power, not just in Asia but in the whole world.

For achieving this level, its first step was taken in the year 2013, after the launch of the Road and Belt initiative. This initiative resulted in agreements based on cooperation with 29 foreign organizations and 125 countries. Through this, they estimated the planned investments of $1 trillion and more.

The leadership across the whole world is complicated, as it has increased responsibilities, scrutiny and costs given by partners. And these global leaders are questioning that this attempt of China is just an autocratic and power gaining decision or they really want to make a contribution in making a better world.

On Friday, after getting criticized by both domestic and international leaders, Xi gave an apparent response by converting old hubris in great humility while speaking in front of 5000 and more delegates and 37 leaders from all over the world at Road and Belt forum organized in Beijing.

The Chinese president said that they are having a zero-tolerance attitude towards corruption that’s why they will keep everything in a transparent manner.

The speech made by Xi, many times seemed like a response to the growth of international denunciation regarding the missing transparency, less attention towards corruption and its excessive favoritism kind of behavior towards entities of China.

The shifting tone of Xi has given a positive proof that he and his other leaders themselves felt the need of responding towards the topics of growth of grumbling, at abroad and home both regarding the increase of authoritarianism of Beijing, its growth in international assertiveness and perceived arrogance while facing criticism all over the world.

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