Boeing Gives Presentation To The Stakeholders About 737 Max Updates

Boeing, in its presentation to the stakeholders which it gave in the previous week in Seattle, had announced that it is not going to recommend the additional or new simulator training for its pilots before another flight takes place of the Boeing 737 Max that has been grounded as per the reports in news. Instead, the company which is awaiting the approval of the administration has plans of providing the airlines with a mandatory training module that is computer-based and the other materials for training.

As part of the “next steps” that had been laid out by the company is the acknowledgment of the need for restoration of the confidence among the public in the aircraft 737 Max as per the documents of the presentation.

The presentation by Boeing which had been held on the 3rd and 4th of December is an effort toward building confidence with the airlines, analysts, flight attendants, unions, and also pilots.

These meetings took place as the officials of Boeing acknowledge that the company is going to miss the target in all probability of delivering the 737 Max by this year-end. A return is possible in 2020’s first quarter if the certification process for this plane is completed by the FAA.

Boeing had told their attendees that the company has flown flight hours to the tune of 1,850 Hours with the updates in software along with 240 regulator simulator flight hours and 1,200 simulator flight hours. In addition, the employee of Boeing has spent over 100,000 man-hours test developing and engineering solutions to the issues of 737 Max.

Boeing enlists Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System as its key improvements. This was a big factor in the crashes that happened in 2018 and 2019.

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