Promotional Strategy From Sprint With Unlimited Data Plan Of $15

Just pay $15 and get an unlimited data plan. Switch carriers with Sprint and get the best phone plan.

Sprint will be merging with T-Mobile soon and has come with a new promotional plan to bring in more users. Users are promised speed, reliability, and coverage.

The plan includes unlimited talk time, data and texting. That’s indeed good news. But it also includes a few catches. Your net speed will decrease during peak hours and you will have 480 videos through the plan. But for $15, it is great news for all users. On the other hand, if you are a heavy user of the internet, you will gain only 2 Mbps and music of 500 Kbps.

Now, coming to the big catch from Sprint. This offer will be open for only a few weeks. It also means that you will have to port a number using a different carrier. Now that is a big change, which has to be considered. You will have to pay taxes and monthly fees plus $15.

If users are willing to keep up with the plan, you just have to sign up. The offer begins on Friday and may last for a few weeks.

This limited period offer is only to lure people into joining Sprint, since competition is fierce, feel many. How users are taking up to this inexpensive plan is yet to be seen.

Michel Combes is the new CEO, and he is determined that people have to take notice of Sprint. Currently, Sprint is facing competition from three other carriers and it needs such drastic plans to keep ahead in the market. Sprint will also be launching its first 5G network on phones in the US by 2019. If it can enter into the big carrier domain, it would benefit the company through such new users.

Earlier the same plan cost $60 dollars. Once the scheme ends, the original cost will come back to force.

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