4 Best AddonsTo Use In World Of Warcraft Right Now

4 Best AddonsTo Use In World Of Warcraft Right Now

One of the most exciting features of World Of Warcraft is that the core interface can easily be customized with the use of addons. There are countless functionalities that you can put your hands on right now. Use them when you challenge players in PVP or when you participate in a WOW classic raid like those presented here: https://e2p.com/games/world-of-warcraft-classic/wow-classic-raids.

Ever since WOW was released in 2004, addons came and went. Some did stand the test of time and developers always look for brand new developments. However, everything starts for most players with figuring out what addons to use first. We have some really good suggestions for you below.


After you play the game for some time, you end up with many different bags. You need them to separate the items that you store as you explore. It is so much easier to manage everything with this addon that is a true lifesaver.

With the use of Bagnon, you no longer need to have items placed in several bags. The addon assembles the catalog that you have in a single inventory screen that is very simple to view. Due to this, it is easy to distinguish the bad items from the rare items. There is a color that is designated for every single item based on quality. You can also use an in-game search engine to look for what is in your bag.

Bartender 4

You need to spruce the hotbars in World Of Warcraft or they simply become a huge mess. Every single advanced player agrees that this part of the game is very outdated. With Bartender 4 you can solve this as it is a very interesting customization tool you can use to control 10 total action bars. This includes customization like transparency, position, and size. When you are a new player, you will also appreciate that keybindings can be set so that you have a better setup. As an advanced user, you can utilize Bartender 4 to program effective macros that can even alter action bar state.


With this WOW addon, the name says everything. Just like it suggests, you can adjust every single user interface element with it. This does include minimap location, portrait location, action bars, and much more. As an advanced player, you want to use this addon as it revamps and redesigns the user interface of WOW completely, helping you control how the game looks like.

Deadly Boss Mods

This WOW addon has to be considered a must-have if you want to do any PVE. It just simplifies all the complex fights with bosses in WOW by offering alerts in real-time. This keeps you one step ahead of the encounter mechanics. You no longer have to memorize the boss fight because the addon does it for you. You are alerted and camera effects appear so that you know when attacks are incoming. The addon even gives you detailed instructions so that you are ready for the encounter that you will participate in.

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