Benjamin Pavard Has Been Already Signed By The Bayern Munich, A German Report Says

The alleged interest of Tottenham Hotspur for the French defender Benjamin Pavard was actually genuine, and Mauricio Pochettino was very interested in his involvement if Spurs could get away from Toby Alderweireld in this summer. However, if this details released by the German SWR Sport should be believed, Pavard has already made his mind to move from Stuttgart to Bayern Munich in 2019, and the only question is when and for how long.

Reports point out that Pavard has already reached a verbal agreement with the Bayern at the World Cup, and with that, he will move to the champions of Germany next summer when his release drops to €35 Million. This number and the availability of a proposal for release were reported by Kicker. SWR says, however, that Bayern can be prepared to pay more to change the schedule and buy him this summer.

Stuttgart would prefer to keep him for the next season as its protective anchor and sell him to Bayern by next summer, the sports director said. But, as it could cost €50 million this summer, it’s very difficult to say whether they are willing to give up this extra money for him.

All this, of course, is bad news for Spurs, as every step should be made for Paward with the hope that Alderweiler will move first, and in that case, it seems, there is no such movement on this front.

Until the end of the transfer window, there are still three weeks, and Spurs still do not have players added in the next season. This is pretty typical for Tottenham, but it starts to make the spectators nervous, especially when the Spurs are preparing to leave for their American tour next week.

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