5 Common HR Mistakes Small Businesses Make

The business arena is highly competitive and as your employees are the most precious asset, you need to focus on HR from the word go. It is very easy to ignore HR, thinking it isn’t so important for a small business, yet nothing could be further from the truth. With that in mind, here are a few common HR mistakes that small business owners make.

  1. Hiring Unsuitable People– This has to be the number one in the list of mistakes that small businesses make. Hiring the first candidate is never a good idea. You should be able to trust that your HR experts can source top performers from a large listing of professionals. Bearing in mind your requirements, they can make contact and carry out candidate screening to give you an interview shortlist. This is the best way to find top employees and with your HR people screening applicants, you won’t waste your valuable time.
  2. Employee Issues – These can arise due to unclear employment policies; perhaps a worker refuses to carry out a task, stating it isn’t in their job description, which could be avoided if your terms & conditions of employment are clear and easy to understand. If there are worker conflicts, it is important to have professional advice and should it ever be necessary to have legal representation due to a labour dispute, a consultant with years of experience in HR services for small business should have you covered. Employment laws are complex and the last thing your business needs is a legal issue with an employee; should that happen, your HR partner should be able to advise accordingly.
  3. Payroll Mistakes– There’s nothing to destroy team morale like late wages payments, while mistakes can cause internal conflicts.Your payroll should be handled by experts and provide you with reports on a regular basis, keeping you up to date. National Insurance contributions are another headache that can be handled by a leading HR agency, one with hands-on experience in your sector.
  4. Lack Of Staff Training– People like to have opportunities for personal development and lack of such opportunities could be the reason staff leave to find a job that offers personal development courses. Consult with a leading outsourced retail HR support in the UK or in your country and discover the many ways they can help you and your business.
  5. Dismissal &Warning Policies– You can easily find yourself in a labour court if you don’t have clear warning and dismissal policies. Let the HR agency help you with this and you shouldn’t have any issues in the future. Every employee should have a handbook that details every aspect of the job and the HR agency can help you to prepare the perfect presentation pack for each new employee.

Looking after your employees can never be overlooked and with the help of a leading HR agency that focuses on your industry, your workforce will be both happy and productive, driving your business toward sustained growth.

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