5G Will Be Accessible In Certain Cities By Verizon For Extra $1

Recently, in a statement the carrier, Verizon announced that, on April 11 5G services will be offered by them in parts of Minneapolis and Chicago. For the first 3 months, the service will be offered for free to customers of Verizon. Afterwards they are going to cost them $10 per month more than 4G. This was the year when speedy 5G wireless network was introduced in the United States, and for every advantage, companies are demanding right from first initiation into new cities to debut of the 5G compatible devices.

An adviser, Dan Hays said that, $10 per month is appropriate for premium wireless connections customers are willing to pay with what’s shown by its research. Many people are not even thinking to change their device currently used by them to another model or brand only for the reason that it has 5G network, said Hays. This move of Verizon is an attempt to tempt wireless customers in the new cities with low latency connections and ultrafast speeds that is promised by 5G. A major breakthrough has touted by the technology which will permit for more seamless video streaming and lightning-fast reply from self driving cars.

But while in several places in United States innovations in 5G technology are happening, there is not even a single existing network, which is widespread sufficiently to profit the most of the wireless customers right away. Until the year 2020, the transition from 4–5g networks in the US will not be widespread, and infrastructure upgrades will be involved which will cost billions of dollars to the companies. Lots of testing will also be required by it. Reportedly, there are no handsets available in the market for the customers of United States which can independently operate 5G. in the month of February, first ever 5G smartphone of the Samsung was announced.

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