A Lot More Discounts On Games And Gaming Consoles This E3 Season

E3 is on its way to the market, which means that the users will soon hear it from the gaming parlors about the launch of big games. There are some more reasons to get excited along with the E3, is Black Friday, to save some money on the gaming units.

PlayStation (PS) and Microsoft are both offering huge discounts on the console in this E3, and some discounts on online subscriptions and games as well. The Xbox One X is about to have its official discount of $50 off, which brings down the price to $449.99 starting from June 10. Similarly, Sony is also offering a handful discount of $50 on its PS 4 Pro, which is now priced to $349.99.

In case you are looking for games, some of the favorite games of the last year have great discounts as well. Few of them are PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Assassins Creed Origins, and Cuphead is having some discounts at the official store of Microsoft with some other partners along with other hundreds of games. The users can enjoy a discount of up to 70% on some of the PS4 games like Call of Duty: WWII and Far Cry 5.

These sales on E3 have provided some additional advantages of encouraging other retailers to offer their prices. During this Amazon has dropped the price of God of War to $49.99. So, there are huge possibilities that if you are looking forward to buying some games or consoles and it is sold out then, in that case, you will get similar kind of discount on another website.

The Deals mentioned in Polygon is a weekly round-up of the best discounts on the web available, curated by the commerce team of Vox Media, in association with the editorial team of Polygon. So, enjoy the hefty discounts on your favorite gaming consoles and games this E3.

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