Soon Google Pixel Launcher Will Enable User To Toggle Its Light/Dark Theme Manually

Soon Pixel launcher of Google will enable the users to toggle between dark and light theme. At present, if the wallpaper on the device is dark, the dark theme turns on automatically. Nevertheless, Google appears to be planning to offer users a physical option for switching it in an upcoming update.

Someone included an “item” in March to the Android P developer preview issue tracker, as per Android Police—that signifies this modification can be on its way. In response, Google verified that the Pixel Launcher will present a theme toggle choice in an “upcoming software update.” The search giant in the Issue Tracker responded, “We have included backing for a Dark theme to be implemented to quick settings and launcher within Settings→Display→Device Theme. It’ll be accessible in a future Android build.”

Though this won’t enable for a complete system dark theme, it’ll allow a user to toggle it manually. Remarkably, Google got the automatic light/dark themes with the rollout of the Pixel 2 series last year in October. Now, the Pixel Launcher utilizes the dark or light theme based on the phone’s wallpaper. If the wallpaper presents neutral or light “elements,” a light theme is used by the Pixel Launcher. If the wallpaper is “mostly” dark, then a dark theme is used by the Pixel Launcher.

No particulars are yet shared by Google as to when will it release the new toggle settings; we can just anticipate the feature to accompany with the public release of Android P.

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