A Virtual Reality Massage Hub Will Start In Los Angeles Soon

People living in Los Angeles will soon be capable of floating off into remote worlds while their pains are soothed in a VR massage center, which starts this week. At the beginning, supposedly the first of its kind, the Esqapes Immersive Relaxation Center will provide 10 different VR surroundings for you to try and unwind in, comprising a koi pond at a resort at the side of an ocean, a sauna, and a ski cabin with a fireplace.

The hub will add in fragrances related to each setting along with a cool breeze. The massage is not virtual but it is not from a human either. It is an automated massage chair, expectantly better as compared to what the one you collapse into at the mall for a break.

Somewhat appropriately, Esqapes is located in the SAG-Aftra Building. That is the home of the Screen Actors Guild, whose participant surely know a few things about pretend realms. Esqapes may not be capable of offering you a massage from an actual masseuse or masseur on an actual Carribean beach. But as a swift getaway from the LA’s hustle and bustle, it may be worth trying out.

On a related note, you can only learn so much related to cells by examining 2D images, and 3D microscope tech can create a plenty of info that may be difficult to decode. Scientists at Virginia Mason and Carnegie Mellon University have an answer, although: let scientists take a walk within the cells. They have combined VR with expansion microscopy (which develops samples by more than 100 times) to examine cell info that might otherwise be too complicated to understand. Once the cells have been labeled, imaged, and compiled into info, a custom method turns the 2D data into 3D surrounding.

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