Oculus Savior Distributing Free Repair Kits To Oculus Headset Buyers

In 2017, the co-founder and reviver of Oculus VR, Palmer Luckey left the company, owing to 2016 political matter related to Republicans and public support contributions for Donald Trump. Later, Luckey established a defense technology company, Anduril Industries. Even after departure from the Facebook acquired Oculus, He is still trying to help the former company’s employers in resolving the issue in Oculus Rift headset.

Luckey revealed through a blog post that he has been providing free audio repair kits to the customers who have purchased the initial version of the Oculus Rift headset, as the customers are facing extensive audio cutout problem in the headsets. Luckey verified the cause of the issue that occurs due to the breakdown of the complex electromechanical assembly that transmits audio signals from the Rift to ear. He also said that within three hours he accomplished designing of Rift Repair One kit, but it took over years to address the issue.

After intensive testing, Luckey demonstrated that he noticed the issue is majorly restricted to the ground trace for the audio module of right headphone, which rarely leads to complete audio cutout.

He revealed that the kit is not only restricted to resolve the audio cutout issue but also serves as a third-party headphone adapter, which is not included in the free set of RR1 kit.

AR and VR platform are gaining traction in the current era. Nintendo—one of the globally largest video game companies by market capitalization—is expected to publicize its own VR kit by the year-end. Few of the first party games developed by Nintendo will receive VR support.

5G-based technology will greatly influence AR and VR technology, as the bandwidth and low latency supported by 5G are supposed to support significantly in making AR and VR mainstream.

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