Acura Recalled More Than 360,000 MDX Crossovers Due To Potential Taillight Failure

Acura, the American luxury vehicle brand of the Japanese automaker Honda is calling back its MDX crossovers in the United States. As per the company, the total cars that are set for the recall are more than 323,000. The reason behind the recall is due to the possibility of leaking taillight assemblies. According to the recent statement from the carmaker, the affected models are the one that is manufactured between 2014 and 2019. Apart from the affected 323,000 vehicles that are present in the market of United States, The Washington Post reports that there are additional 37,000 vehicles that are located in different markets and with that the total number of affected vehicle counts rise to more than 360,000 worldwide.

In a recent statement, the carmaker, Acura said that due to a body difference in tailgate built-up, the back tailgate lid light closures might bend and allow water to escape into the light assemblies. It might happen that the water coming out due to the leakage could uncertainly find its way to interact with the vehicle’s electrical components, and this thus results in the malfunction of the taillights. The car manufacturer says that its dealers will change the gasket seals on the vehicles that are affected, and if required they will change the complete defective light assemblies and their allied wiring sub-harnesses. As per the company, with the call back of its vehicles, the repair work will be done without any taking any penny from the customers. The carmaker also stated that the owners of MDX will be alerted by mail starting early in May. To check if your Acura MDX crossover is impacted by this recent recall, you can directly head over to the company’s website. The call back is mostly in North America and it covers the Acura MDX that are manufactured between 2014 and 2019.

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