Advantages Of Having Car Sun Shade

Car sun shade is just not a decorative car accessory but they are much more than what meets the eye. Some of the few practical uses of custom car sun shade that one must know are as follows:-

Advantages Of Having Car Sun Shade

1) Add charm to car’s outlook: A car sun shade adds color and contrast to one’s car’s interior as well as exterior decor. Even the standard auto sun shades come in a wide variety of colors from black to silver. Some of them even come with interchangeable colors and makes one’s car stand apart from everyone else’s.

2) Eliminates Car from becoming an oven: The most important benefit of adding a custom car sun shade is that it lowers the inside temperature of the car. When the car is standing outside under the scorching heat of the sun, the sun rays come inside the car through the glass but the sun rays does not go out, thus leading to the accumulation of the heat inside the car and making it hotter like an oven.

3) Eliminates the need to wear sunglasses: Adding a custom car sun shade can completely or partially eliminate the necessity of using a sunglass during driving through the day. Whenever the sun comes up directly onto the eyes, it becomes very difficult to see ahead which can lead to accidents.

4) Saves sunburn: Adding a car sun shade can prevent heated UV rays of the sun to give people nasty steering wheel burns whenever one starts to drive a car that has been in the sun for a while or to the person who has been driving in the sun for a long time.

5) Stops fading of upholstery: Adding a sun shade to the car also stops from leather and semi leather seat colors to stop fading and making it look like the ugliest thing in the entire world. Fading in upholstery is a direct consequence of prolonged leather exposure to the sun.

6) Prevents destruction of car dashboard: A custom car sun shade will definitely stop the withering of paint and cracks development on the dashboard. Extreme sun rays can cause the material and the color of the car dashboard to disintegrate at a very alarming rate. One should note that adding sun shade is just a partial relief and problem solving method to completely eliminate dashboard destruction, one must use proper dashboard covers.

7) Pretends electronics from heat damage: Since most of the electronics and gadgets of the car much like the phone has wires and battery connections. Exactly as overheating can destroy the phone within a fraction of seconds same is the case with electronics of the car.

One must know that a proper car sun shade reduces the possibility of all these problems partially and is not the complete solution to the harsh environment and conditions faced by the cars which are parked both outside and inside the garage. To keep Chevrolet car in the beautiful condition it should be in one must buy proper custom car covers for Chevy.

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