Oxygen Facial: How Does It Work And Its Pros And Cons

Have you ever wondered what tricks celebrities use to keep their skin healthy and flawless all the time? Well, celebrities rely on several tricks and one of the most effective tricks is the oxygen facial. You might have heard of this before and wondered if it works or does it have any side effects? In this post, we will clear all doubts about oxygen facials but before that let us understand what an oxygen facial is.

Oxygen Facial

What is an oxygen facial?

Oxygen facial is a non-medical procedure that is generally done by an aesthetician. This process involves the use of a machine that ejects pressurised air which moisturises the skin.

How does it work?

Oxygen facial is often referred to as a quick fix method because oxygen is forced into the skin to moisturise it. However, some physicians doubt the treatment because of the lack of any clinical evidence regarding the effectiveness of the treatment.

In the treatment, an oxygen facial machine deploys antibacterial oxygen on the face. You might experience a slight sensation on your skin during the treatment. It usually takes around an hour for the treatment to complete. There are no precautions that you will have to take after the treatment. You can resume your routine work after the treatment.

Talking about the effectiveness of the treatment you will notice a difference after the first treatment itself however aestheticians recommend monthly treatment. Monthly treatments will help the skin to retain moisture and maintain that dewy look.

But the bottom line is – is the treatment safe or are there any side effects? In the next part, we will discuss some pros and cons of the oxygen facial.

Pros of oxygen facial

There are a number of benefits associated with oxygen facials, after all, it’s one of the most loved treatments of celebrities. Here are some of the advantages of oxygen facial:

  • No recovery time: the treatment doesn’t have any recovery time which means that you can restart your day to day work immediately after the treatment. You can even apply moisturisers as well as makeup after the treatment. Whereas other facials require you to wait for some hours before you can apply makeup or moisturisers to your skin.
  • Instant results: Unlike other treatments or facials, with oxygen facial, you can immediately feel the noticeable difference after the treatment. People notice that their skin looks younger and more radiant. Some people even get rid of their acne after the treatment.
  • Painless treatment: this treatment is very pain-free. All you feel is a slight pressure on your skin during the treatment.
  • Even skin tone: this treatment helps in improving the blood circulation which helps in giving your skin a plump. Your skin will also receive a lot of botanical ingredients which will result in glowing and bright skin.

Cons of oxygen facial

With plenty of benefits associated with oxygen facial, there is a dark side to this treatment too. Here are some negative points associated with the oxygen facial.

  • Not long-lasting: the treatment is not long-lasting like several other skin treatments. This means that you will have to regularly get the treatment done.
  • It is an expensive treatment: since you will have to go for monthly treatments it will prove an expensive exercise. Besides, one session costs around $150 to $500.
  • Redness on skin: some people do report temporary redness on their skin after the treatment. However, the redness should not stay for too long; it should go away after a few hours.
  • Allergic reaction: in case your skin is allergic to some ingredients then you must inform your esthetician. In case your skin feels itchy, pain or swelling stop getting the treatment.
  • Facial swelling or puffiness: the treatment might cause inflammation due to intense pressure on the face. This might lead to facial swelling or puffiness.
  • The treatment isn’t approved by the FDA: Lastly, oxygen facial isn’t approved by the FDA. Besides, there is no clinical evidence regarding the effectiveness of the treatment.

Everything has a good and bad side to it. If you want to get an oxygen facial just ensure to find a renowned and safe spa. Additionally, talk to the aesthetician to clear all your doubts beforehand.

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