AI Camera Developed By Amazon Might Assist People With Memory Loss To Recognize Others

Sachin Solkhan, a software veteran who is the part of Fidelity Investments, has pondered a lot on how technology can aid individual with dementia identify their loved ones.

Therefore, when Amazon brought in its DeepLens camera in November of 2017, it had the idea of using its artificial intelligence software to do just the same. On the evening of the official launch of the device this week, he visited the hackathon at that time to create a system that detects the user’s experience and recognizes the person directly in front of them.

“I wanted to find a way to use the device to help someone who is striving,” he said.

DeepLens of Amazon is similar to the intelligent camera by Google Clips, but it is designed for developers, not for consumers. The idea is to use artificial intelligence technology to make the camera easier than recognizing the objects or symbols that appear in the video sequence.

Solkhan hopes that people who lose memory will one day have a camera with them wherever they go.

DeepLens stores user photos and usernames, and user friends in the cloud-based Amazon service. Later, plays it role by recording the interactions. And if everything is correct, AI will recognize the person and make a verbal request.

Solkhan is beta-testing it as a parallel project with friends and family.

In recent years, Amazon has increasingly tried to use tools such as artificial intelligence in health care for people with complex medical needs.

The company is not the only one. Apple and Alphabet also see healthcare space as an opportunity, which is estimated around $3 Billion and is far behind other sectors in terms of technology adoption.

It has been reported that, despite ethical concerns associated with AI, investment in IoT and smart sensors is constantly on the rise.

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