Osrs Flipping Guide 2019

When it comes to making money in Old School RuneScape, flipping is by far the most widely used method of making money, and the best part is that it can be done by any player at any level without any initial investment money. Although it doesn’t require any skill levels, you’ll still have to use your wits to make enough OSRS gold. Luckily we’ve come up step-by-step a guide for you all explaining how you canhustle along the Grand Exchange.

Osrs Flipping Guide 2019

Let’s get right to it!

The Three Types of Flipping

While the literal definition is simply the act of selling commodities, it’s so much more than that in OSRS. Flipping is considered to be the act of purchasing an item in hopes of selling it back to the market for a higher price than what was initially invested in it. And when it comes to flipping, you’ll need to always be updated on the Grand Exchange.There are three main areas to trading on the Grand Exchange that you should focus if you want to flip effectively: Investing, High Volume Flipping, and Low Volume Flipping.


If you’re the patient type, investing should be the perfect flipping method for you. You buy an item(s), wait for a period of time (this usually takes a few days or weeks), then proceed to sell your item(s) for a profit. Of course, investing is always a gamble. But there are possible ways to know if an item is going to rise in price or not; game updates being one. The easiest way is to download the Grand Exchange Market Watch app, which is a free tool made by Jagex to allow users to view the market activity of any tradable item in the game. It provides graphs of the prices of items so you can predict your next move.

High Volume Flipping

High Volume Flipping is the most common method of flipping and is usually thought of as a short term investment. As the name suggests, you should have a high volume, meaning a trade limit of around 1000 or more. Basically, in terms of buy and sell, you do the same but in bulk as opposed to buying/selling at a small amount.

Low Volume Flipping

Low Volume Flipping is similar to High Volume Flipping, but is for items whose trade limit is either 1 or 2. However, there are some drawbacks to consider when engaging in Low Volume Flipping. An obvious problem is that when you’ll try to find the margin for your item/s, since you’ll only be able to trade it once in four hours, making the margin sure to change within that time span. The items that you’ll be buying when doing this method are very low on volume, hence the reason why your trade limit should only be 1 or 2. The prices of these items range from 200K to several million. As a result, they have a very large margin which changes constantly.

What Items Should I Flip?

First priority goes to food. A good tip is to buy food that gets traded very often. Some good choices that you should consider includeLobsters and Swordfish. The buying limits for Raw lobsters and swordfish is about 15,000 for every four hours, and for the cooked version 6,000 in every four hours. These four items usually have a profit margin of about 1-10 gold each. By buying 15,000 raw lobsters/swordfish every four hours, you can easily make more than a 100k gold, and if you buy 6,000 of them cooked, you can make about 50K, making food great items to flip.

Runeitems are also great items to flip. Rune axes, Rune scimitars, Rune platelegs are some of the more sought-after ones. These items are bought and sold so fast bin F2P and member worlds, so you know they’re worth a lot of OSRS gold. They have a profit margin of about 100-400 Gold Points each depending on which item you flip.

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