Air Travel affected with coronavirus outbreak in China

The rapid spread of the coronavirus had changed Dai Xin’s mind to fly to Shenyang which is a city in the northeastern part of China and this was to celebrate her birthday.

The surgical based technician from New York has said that she was nervous to be back as she cancelled her ticket and said that it was not forth going back as of now to her native China for the fear of the coronavirus is looming large on the country.

The carriers one after the other have been cutting their service after there was a sharp fall in the demand as the government had taken a lot more measures drastically for the curbing of the spread in this outbreak of the disease which has made over 28,000 people sick and most of these people were in China as it has also killed a minimum of 600 people as per the data which has been provided by the health officials.

The steps have been leaving the air travel market of the second largest economy of the world a lot more isolated with air travel from all over the world being scaled back to Hong Kong and Mainland China with the spread of the coronavirus. This is expected to drive the revenue of these airlines down and deprive all the other segments related to travel like the hotel industry and the other parts of tourism sector.

This outbreak has a lot of travelers being more cautious about their travels as well while they travel to the other parts of the world to as most of them are preferring to stay home with the outbreak of this disease as per the experts.

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