Alexa Unofficially Functions On The Apple Watch

Although Siri is receiving a huge upgrade later this year in iOS 12 that would turn it far more resourceful, it is not yet the most commanding voice assistant at present. So far, it was the only one accessible on the Apple Watch. If you wished to employ Alexa on the Apple Watch, nevertheless, “Voice In A Can,” a third-party application, brings this tool of Amazon to the device.

This is a separate application, so one doesn’t require their device around for it to function, only a Wi-Fi or data connection. Alexa, after one installs the Voice In A Can and links it to their Amazon account, can do Alexa stuff on their Watch.

Nonetheless, there are few restraints: it cannot play music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Also, few of the daily flash briefings do not function. However, one can handle smart home tools they have connected to Alexa and benefit from its other features as well. Infuriatingly, your Watch will cut off from Alexa when the display goes black, thus, one may need to raise the timeout bounds. As one will require to have the screen awake and to hit a button to start Alexa, that should not cause too much of a setback.

It is not unachievable that Amazon will include official Apple Watch down the line for Alexa, with more incorporated functionality; however, at least this functions for the time being. All one needs to understand that Voice In A Can could disappear if Amazon or Apple decides they do not like it.

Recently, Amazon declared that it has rolled out the Fire TV Cube, a hands-free, Alexa-supported, 4K Ultra HD streaming media player. The newest device enables the users to manage their A/V receiver, sound bar, TV, and satellite box or cable. After Alexa has been installed, the users can direct all of these tools with their voice.

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