Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 Chipset For Budget Handsets Soon To Launch

Qualcomm, the mobile chipmaker, is allegedly getting ready to roll out one more processor for mid-range and budget Android handsets after the latest rollout of Snapdragon 710. The new processor, named as Snapdragon 680, surfaced on benchmarking website “Geekbench” and disclosed a 6-core CPU. According to the benchmark listing, this might be the 2nd six-core chipset in the Snapdragon 600 range after the tested Snapdragon 660.

The utmost clock speed is 2.15GHz shown by Snapdragon 680 and it might come in a 2 and 4 core mixture with only 2 cores secured at the utmost 2.15GHz for performance. We can hope this processor to provide akin performance abilities in comparison to the current Snapdragon 660. Having claimed this, Qualcomm will most probably optimize it for power management, quicker internet connectivity, and artificial intelligence features.

On a related note, recently Qualcomm had declared its first chipset in the form of Snapdragon 710 in the new Snapdragon 700 range. The firm states the processor to perform more effectively in comparison to Snapdragon 600 range and has some functions of the flagship Snapdragon 800 range of chipsets. The new Snapdragon 710 chip plans to offer customized AI experience for consumers via its multi-core AI Engine and states to enhance the performance in AI applications in comparison to Snapdragon 660. As far as the question remains for imaging abilities, the Snapdragon 710 provides a Spectra 250 ISP and Hexagon 685 DSP. The Qualcomm Spectra 250 ISP is developed to offer resolutions of almost 20 MP dual ISP and 32 MP single ISP.

On the other hand, Xiaomi was the first OEM to declare a handset based on the newest Snapdragon 710 chip with the newest rollout of its Mi 8 SE in China with a price tag of CNY 1,799, which converts to almost Rs 18,970 in India.

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