Anker’s Wireless Alarm Clock Is Worth A Glance

Anker’s Wireless Alarm Clock Is Worth A GlanceThe morning routines of many are ruined owing to the time-related issues. The modernization along with the innovative technologies has currently taken up the entire world in its arms. Even though people have Echo Spot watching them right from the corner of their bed using its camera and microphone it is something that is not enjoyed by many. However, in substitution to this, there is a new gadget that has come up in the market and it is an alarm clock developed by Anker, which is eagerly awaited by many.

Anker’s alarm clock named “Soundcore Wakey” is a very beautiful device to watch but its functionality is something to wait for. One of the flooring features is the inductive charging pad provided on the top in order to let one put down the phone on it when it is time to catch a nap. This clock can help change one’s habit of putting down the phone on the bed or oneself while asleep and care for oneself. This is certainly a contrivance to try out.

The Soundcore Wakey has features like a 5-watt speaker, FM radio, wireless charging, and 10 already set alarms already incorporated in it. Along with rousing one from the sleep, it also has the capability to put one down to sleep using its white noise sounds. The new homely device will be out by the spring of this year with a price tag of about $100, which is quite acceptable in terms of technology. Lenovo has again collaborated with Google Assistant and created $79 worth Smart Alarm Clock which is a Google Assistant-enabled clock with a standardized touchscreen display for bedside tables. The device can also be used as a podcast or music player with 6-watt speaker and an ambient light displayed from the screen changes color so as to use it as a medium to wake one up. This spring seems to help individuals get punctual.

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