Apple Commits $1 billion for Original Content, Ropes in Oprah

Apple and Oprah Winfrey are about to create a revolution by designing the original contents. She is the diva who has the capability to connect with the audiences in a comprehensive manner, which will help the tech giant win the latest challenge it has set. Apple has even set a target of whopping $1 billion in order to accomplish the aforementioned deal.

It has signed a deal with Oprah Winfrey that will give a boost to the endeavor in the positive direction. She will be creating original contents in association with Apple that will support her unmatched capability to get connected with the audiences. However, the terms and conditions of the contract have not been disclosed yet.

She is a dynamic personality and is a philanthropist. She was the host of the Oprah Winfrey show which was embraced by the people residing across the world. The show was last aired in 2011 after which she continued with her Oprah Winfrey Network or OWN.

The present deal with Apple will create a tough competition in the genre of media landscape where the giants like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and others are contesting.

The streaming network, Netflix has created a revolution in the world of entertainment by easing the access to the same. Amazon along with Netflix has also tried to associate with Oprah to give their business a boost, which didn’t succeed.

The Apple-Winfrey deal will be covering the mobile apps, films, TV, and books, which can be accessed by the multiple channels of the platform. On the other hand, she will continue with her OWN in the similar pace.

Apple has signed Oprah for multiple years and will be releasing the programs aligned with the original content to the people very soon. The latest endeavor will not only boost the demand for the streaming entertainment but will also allow the people to tie in a single knot who share the common interests of entrainment.

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