Tesla Has Successfully Accomplished Its Quarterly Production Goal

Elon Musk, the CEO, Tesla, has a lousy week, but this is not the case with a company, it has something to talk. As per the source talking to Electrek, reported that the company successfully met with its supercilious goal of making at least 50K Model 3 cars by the summer quarter, manufacturing around 51K samples of the entry-level electronic vehicle by September 28.

Tesla Has Successfully Accomplished Its Quarterly Production Goal

Though the company was facing some difficulties with meeting the target in the earlier part of the quarter but finally made around 5K Model 3 every week by the end of a quarter. As per the reports the automaker has built around 77,400 electronic vehicles in this duration, or 6.7K in just in the last week.

However, we won’t get any kind of official numbers from the company until the quarter ends. It might require weeks to get accurate numbers. There is no doubt that Tesla is putting all the efforts to increase the production and deliveries of the EVs. For this, they have incorporated such actions like reducing color options as well as a facility of hand-delivering the cars.

If the numbers found to be true, it will be a record for both the EV industry as well as for Tesla. For context, the deliveries of cars like the Chevy Bolt (Around 2K cars each month) and Nissan Leaf (around 7.3K each month) are not very much to reach when compared.

It is not like that the Elon Musk’s Tesla has a lot of options. The brand required increasing the production level of Model 3 to turn it into profits, and the introduction of the fabled variant worth $35K is based on the increase of productions.

The spokesperson said that we are expecting the firm to keep moving at the same pace to achieve larger numbers as a matter of survival.

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