Apple’s 5G iPhones In 2020 Will Have Chips From Samsung, Qualcomm

There is no denying the fact that Apple iPhones are one of the most popular mobile devices globally with more than 1 billion units used per month. According to the latest reports by the analyst of TF International Securities, Ming Chi-Kuo, the new iPhones that are supposed to be released in 2020 will have 5G modems equipped in them. What is more interesting is the fact that the modems will be provided by both Qualcomm and Samsung.

Recently, Apple settled a huge legal battle that is had been fighting for some time with Qualcomm and gaining access to these 5G modems is being touted as the main reason behind it. Anyway, iPhones have the reputation of having a super-fast processor and once it gets equipped with these 5G modems, cellular connectivity will also become faster and more reliable. This could urge more customers to switch from their older Apple models to the newer one, considering that iPhones have a considerable faithful customer base globally.

The general trend that is followed by Apple every year is to launch a new model in the month of September, so the expected month of launch for iPhone 5G is also expected to be September 2020. The current iPhone still works on the LTE network.

According to the notes released by Kuo, Apple is likely to form an alliance with Samsung and Qualcomm with respect to the baseband chip for 5G primarily to reduce the risks associated with supply, decreasing the manufacturing cost and also to have an upper hand in bargaining. There is going to be a lot of uproars created with respect to the upgrades and switching of mobile phones, Kuo believes.

Expected sales for 2020 stands at 195 to 200 million units as of now. This is supposed to be at par with the 217 million units sold in 2018, though Apple has decided to stop disclosing their sale numbers henceforth. There are going to be changes in the iPhone design as well in order to accommodate the new parts required for 5G services, reports suggest.

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