Autonomous Vehicles Dedicated Funding Of $3 Million Bagged By Israel-Based Ottopia

Autonomous Vehicles Dedicated Funding Of $3 Million Bagged By Israel-Based OttopiaOttopia, an Israeli-based technology company that emphasizes on remote support for autonomous cars, has bagged initial funding of $3 million. The funding round was headed by MizMaa Ventures with the association of Plug and Play, Glory Ventures, and NextGear.

Autonomous vehicle technology has managed to attain an appreciable milestone in the last decade. Within certain limits, these vehicles have now proved to be 99% efficient. There is, however, an increasing consensus that the final percentage will take last some years to accomplish. Currently, teleoperation platforms at an early stage provide assistance, providing absolute control to the human pilot. This augments the threat of human error in already complex situations, such as on a busy road and driving on roads.

Unlike other solutions, Ottopia says its software platform enables the human operator and the artificial intelligence of cars to run simultaneously in an external intervention. Human helps the autonomous vehicle make decisions in complex situations. The AV system then performs this navigates and concludes with a full range of sensors and safety measures activated.

“Driverless vehicles are inevitable, but safe deployment remains a major obstacle. We are thrilled to be functioning with Ottopia’s talented and skilled team to deal with the difficulty of secure teleoperation, whose impetus and approach give us all the information we need,” said MizMaa Ventures, Aaron Applbaum.

Ottopia plans to use the funds to expand its research and development team and work with autonomous technology companies to exhibit the flexibility and improved security of its platform.

“Our platform provides answers to all the major connectivity challenges such as network connectivity and cybersecurity,” CEO of Ottopia, Amit Rosenzweig. “And the reactions of the main players so far are very encouraging.”

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