James Harden Of The Houston Rockets Named NBA Most Valuable Player For 2017–2018

The MVP (Most Valuable Player) award has been given annually by the NBA (National Basketball Association), a league in North America for Men’s professional football. The award is given to the player who has been performing the best consistently, in the regular season. The winner of this prestigious award is given a trophy in the honor of Maurice Podoloff, who has hold the position of Commissioner of the NBA. This time, for 2017–2018, the 28-year-old footballer, James Harden, has bagged his first ever MVP award, beating LeBron James, who has won the award as much as 4 times in the past.

Harden directed his team towards the all time best NBA record of 65-17, which was nothing short of exceptional. The man was the leading scorer in this regular season of the NBA. In addition to that, the man has an average of 30.4 and has 5.4 rebounds and 8.8 assists, along with other remarkable statistics.

This is not an overnight glory though. The man has been performing consistently well in the last four years or so for the team and has many other achievements to his name. The achievements include six times NBA all star, four times All-NBA First Team and NBA Sixth Man of The Year, among others.

The award ceremony was conducted on Monday, which was conducted inside one airplane hangar, where the man delivered an acceptance speech addressing the aspiring players across the world.

Other than that, David Ragland has recently joined the Utah State head men’s basketball team as an assistant coach. The man has served the game for more than one and a half decade now and has declared that he is very happy to be a part of this new team.

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