Best Skin Care And Hair Care Tips To Protect From Harsh Chemicals: Holi 2020

Holi is the festival of colors and celebrated across the country with much enthusiasm. People relish on their favorite sweets and play throwing colors on friends & families. That is the reason holi festival is known as the most vibrant celebration of the year. One of the sweetest memories all have of holi is getting soaked in vivid colors, which can’t be compared with anything else. But while playing with colors, post celebration our skin and hair are damaged. Therefore, we have listed down some pre-holi skincare & hair care tips which will save you from worrying about how to remove holi color from skin and enjoy the celebration stress-free. These tips are going to protect your skin and hair from the harsh chemicals that can cause skin damage or frizzy hair.

Holi 2020 : Skin Care And Hair Care Tips

holi Skin Care And Hair Care Tips To Protect From Harsh Chemicals

  1. Almond Oil:

Almond oil is just amazing for the skin. One should consider applying almond oil before playing holi. It is rich in vitamin E and nourishes the skin and acts as a protective layer amid skin and colors. Almond oil also prevents the colors from sticking to the body.

  1. Sunscreen:

Just avoid getting drenched in colors if you are without your sunscreen! While playing colors during the day, there is constant exposure to the sun that causes tanning. Therefore, to avoid tanning, apply a good amount of waterproof sunscreen since it is going to protect your skin at a great level.

  1. Ice Cubes:

Before applying any cream or oil on your face, ensure to massage it by ice cubes. After massaging the face with ice cubes it will close all the open pores and will protect you from acne and other skin issues. After the massage, apply sunscreen or organic oil.

  1. Petroleum Jelly:

Ditch using lip balms and go for petroleum jelly. The thick texture of petroleum jelly will work its magic for a longer time. Apply petroleum jelly on the back of ears, neck, and between fingers too before the event.

  1. Coconut Oil:

Wash your hair one day before playing holi. On the celebration day, just apply coconut oil on hair and roots as it is going to prevent from getting dry due to the colors.

We are sure these tips will help you to enjoy the holi festival. So, be safe and enjoy the celebration with your friends & families! Happy holi!

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