By Mid-2020 Starlink Satellite Broadband Services will be Deployed

Broadband services via satellites are now made possible, says Elon Musk.

Elon Musk the CEO of SpaceX posts new tweets to say that it is possible to use the broadband service.

His tweet, “Sending the tweet via Starlink satellite” was successfully sent. It was followed immediately with another tweet saying “Whoa, it worked”. Musk has used his Starlink satellites that are already in place, to test its services.

Starlink services will soon be available to others by mid-2020, says Musk. SpaceX will offer its broadband services using Starlink constellation in the U.S., says the company president Gwynne Shotwell on Oct 22.

SpaceX initially launched 60 satellites in May 2019. The system was tested so that it would be available for wider deployment. Currently, there is a very high demand for broadband services and the company intends to cater to customer’s needs in the most reliable manner.

The FCC has given permission to SpaceX to deploy further 11,943 satellites. Even before further satellites are launched, SpaceX intends to offer its services. The satellites will work along with ground stations which will help to receive and send the signals, making it easily usable.

The company intends to cover the southern part of the United States and has asked permission from the FCC for an orbit-spacing change.

Shotwell states that SpaceX can ensure continuous services to both lower and upper bands with just 6 to 8 Starlink launches. For global coverage, 24 launches will be required.

Further, SpaceX will offer Starlink to both the U.S. government and the ordinary internet user too. No mention has been made about the cost factor, though it plays an important role in its future usage.

The company expects the SpaceX satellite service to be much better than the traditional systems. The technology is already in use by other competitors in the sector such as Telesat, Amazon, Space, Oneweb, and Norway.

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