Capgemini Will No More Go Forward With Hiring Indians

Capgemini, the French tech major, this week suggested at taking slow on domestic hiring in the nation as it has reached a peak in relocating jobs from the developed nations.

With some of its more than 100,000 workers being discontented on payment hikes, the firm claimed that the base wages have increased 6% in 2018 and it will choose to offer higher payments to those with talent for the future instead of having the uniform approach.

“With 100,000 employees, we have the type of physique we require in India. We are not seeking for more status here,” Paul Hermelin, the chief executive and group chairman at Capgemini, claimed to the media in an interview at its facility this week.

“We have gradually replaced a lot of Dutch, Americans, and French with Indians. Even if we are not developing that much, in India we are developing at 20% in headcount. And now, we have crossed the level of Indian sourcing that we require,” Hermelin claimed.

Hermelin claimed that Capgemini is at a “sailing speed” presently, suggesting that hiring will not be done further. In the middle of lot of workers expressing their anger on social media on low salary hikes and referring it as a method of comprising voluntary attrition, Hermelin explained that the base wage was increased by 6% for 2018.

On a related note, in the meantime Ashwin Yardi (the chief operating officer at Capgemini India) claimed that the firm is making its 2nd innovation center in Hyderabad that will be launched by end of this year.

The firm already has 16 such hubs all over the world that are aimed on increasing the engagement with academia, startups, and other major shareholders, he claimed. He further added that plans are also in progress to take the total to 20.

The forthcoming Hyderabad hub will be distributed over almost 15,000 Square Feet and will shelter almost 100 workers, he claimed.

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