CES 2019: Soundcore Speakers Are Water Proof Enough To Be Dunked In Pool

CES 2019: Soundcore Speakers Are Water Proof Enough To Be Dunked In PoolThe Soundcore brand by Anker that specializes in home theater products and portable Bluetooth speakers is introducing a handful of new devices this year at CES. The first is a new series of portable speakers dubbed as the Rave line up, which seem to be unbelievably waterproof, loud, and water-resistant devices developed for outdoor parties.

The typical Rave is a 160W device, with two 5.25 woofers, dual two-inch tweeters, and a battery life of 24 Hours. It is, although, just splash resistant with IPX4 certificate, so you cannot exactly dip it in a pool and have it work normal. Yet, for a speaker that dominant, and with a cost of only below $200, that seems pretty strong deal.

On the other hand, the Rave Mini is an 80W device, with the same woofer setup, only a sole two-inch tweeter, and battery life of 18 Hours. That device is actually waterproof, with an IPX7 certificate. This indicates that it can be dipped in water almost 3 Feet for as long as 30 Minutes. That speaker has a price tag of $150, and both devices are planned to hit the shelves this summer.

On a related note, JVC, the Japan-located consumer electronics, earlier branched out its series of speakers after rolling out XS-MC15 trolley speakers. The XS-MC15 has 2000W of power output and is incorporated with 2 mic inputs for guitar and karaoke. The device comes with an equipped trolley, for convenient & easy movability, the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

It comes integrated with built-in rechargeable battery that is claimed to offer 4–5 hours of battery backup. The device also has a built-in FM radio. Its high-quality drivers offer outstanding sound quality. The wireless device comes integrated with noise cancellation speakerphone supporting louder & clearer sound. Connectivity choices comprise USB/AUX functions, Bluetooth, and SD card support. The device also has a remote.

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