Cheniere Energy Gets A Nod From The Feds For Commercial Op

Cheniere Energy has been given the go ahead by federal officials for setting up its liquefied gas company operations at Corpus Christi Liquefied Gas and start exporting it.  The inspection done by Federal Energy officials issued a directive within a month of examining the spot that will now enable Cheniere to set up a gas production unit called as Train 1 to begin commercial operations and start exports.

The production of Train 1 unit will receive natural gas from various sources besides EagleFord’s Shale unit and will super cool natural gas in such a way that it will turn to liquid which can be shipped via tankers to different parts of the world. The Corpus Christi LNG is worth $15 billion is located alongside La Quinta is one of the first LNG export terminal in Texas to be pushed in commercial service whose construction began in 2015.

As part of its commissioning process Cheniere exported 2 LNG cargos from Train 1 to UK and Greece during December. Now that it has FERC order it can begin operations full scale and start regular exports from the facility. This is only the beginning for the LNG service and work has already begun on 2nd production unit that will be known as Train 3 while at Train 2 production is likely to start soon. Besides Corpus Christi, Cheniere is the owner and operator of Sabine Pass LNG terminal for export that is located at Cameron Parish La from where it has been exporting LNG since Feb 2016. The holding firm Cheniere Energy in totality employs around 1400 people across workstations or production units in Louisiana and Texas. According to latest reports Cheniere Energy exported 273 cargoes across 32 nations and closed last year with a profit of $471 million and earned revenues of $8 billion.

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