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In their Tweet of June 25, SpaceIL made an announcement right after the news of Beresheet’s crashed landing while making a soft attempt for lunar landing on April 11 that won’t be sending a second lunar lander to moon.

As per the reports, the decision taken by SpaceIL for not any sending second lander on lunar mission is just another way to delay the program and it is also being considered as retrenchments for the international ventures.

In the announcement, SpaceIL said that they won’t be going to moon and journey of Beresheet had already received a successful and record breaking response. They also said that they would be seeking out significant and different objectives for second lunar mission, Beresheet 2.0.

SpaceIL, a non-profit organization had promised that they will be releasing more information on their further plans, soon. However, you can still see the same goal at SpaceIL’s website which means that they will be making a second lunar landing by Israeli Spacecraft.

In a competition held by GLXP (Google Lunar X Prize), there were five finalists and SpaceIL was one of them. The announcement by SpaceIL has come after the Grand Prize of $20 million has expired in 2018 while it is reported that other four teams are still motivated to carry on their program.

An Indian team, Indus was another finalist in those five. Even after the end of competition, they continued to work on the lunar lander project and they emphasized on the technology of lunar lander supplier. The founder of Team Indus, Rahul Narayan said in conference held in Nov 2018 that they were still interested in lander’s initial launch as well as they were also working on bigger designs.

However, as per the current reports, Sheelika Ravishankar from Team Indus said that they were not flying any more missions and they already realized in 2018 that they didn’t had enough funds to carry their own project and once the GLXP expired then they won’t have to focus on it.

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