Chrome Os Is Missing Or Damaged? Here Are Reasons And Solutions To This Problem

What is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS is a type of operating system announced by Google. This operating system was created with the help of manufactures. The devices that utilize Chrome OS as their operating systems are called Chromebooks.

just like you encounter different kinds of system issues while using Windows OS or Mac OS, you can experience similar issues while using Chrome OS such as Chrome is missing or damaged. This error represents a message on your screen like- “Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Please insert a recovery USB stick into one of the four ports in the back of the device”.

Why does this error occur?

Whenever you encounter this type of error on your desktop, you are inquisitive to know the reason for this error. Here mentioned below are some reasons-

1) While you are booting your machine in case of some loading issues, the issues may also boot into the chrome OS making it missing or damaged.

2) The maximum chances to encounter this error during startup but in some cases, you might also get this error while using your device.

3) The error message represented in different brands might be different but the meaning of the error purely remains the same that is Chrome OS is missing or damaged.

How to fix Chromebook Chrome OS is missing or damaged error?

Now the question comes is how do you fix the Chromebook Chrome OS is missing or damaged error. 13 three methods to fix this error which are listed below one by one.

Solution 1- Reboot your Chromebook.

Rebooting of computers is always a savior in fixing all kinds of errors is especially the ones that are related to software issues. Just as this method is applicable for windows OS or Mac OS, similarly rebooting your device might also help you recover your errors in the Chromebook.

The process of rebooting your Chromebook is very simple. You just have to press the power button for a while until you see that your device is turned off. After few seconds of your device turned off, again press the power button to turn on your device.

After you have turned on your device, there are high chances that your problem regarding the Chromebook Chrome OS is missing or damaged error might have been fixed and your computer can boot normally.

If this method is not applicable on your device and the error still appears, you can try the next one.

Solution 2- Reset the factory data of your Chromebook.

If the error does not dissolve after rebooting your computer, you can try resetting all the factory settings of your Chrome OS in order to resolve the Chrome OS is missing or damaged error. Even do this method is useful and you can perform a power was to the device, but it will make you lose all the files present on your device, which is why you will have to take a backup on your Google drive before executing it. The steps to power wash your Chromebook are mentioned below-

Step 1- Press Shift + Ctrl + Alt + R while accessing the Chrome OS login screen and before authenticating to continue.

Step 2- When the option of reset this Chrome device appears on your screen click on the restart button.

Step 3- When you turn on the computer and see the login screen again, a new version will be represented in front of you alongside an option of a power wash. Click on the powerwash option to continue and then click on continue.

Step 4- Sign in with your respective Google account and follow all the on-screen prompts to finish the process.

Solution 3- Try ring stalling Chrome OS.

If none of the above-mentioned methods have worked, then reinstalling Chrome OS can most probably solve the problem that you are facing until there is no issue persisting on your hardware device. This option also comes with a price to pay. reinstalling Chrome OS will wipe out all the files from your device therefore a form of full backup on your Google drive before executing this method. The steps to do so are mentioned below.

Step 1- Open the normal working screen of your computer and then connect the USB drive to your device and open the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2- Open the Chrome web store and press the option that States add to Chrome to download and install the Chromebook recovery utility.

Step 3- Open the installed Chromebook recovery utility and write down your Chromebook model number.

Step 4– After doing this follow all the on-screen prompts that will lead you to your destination.

Step 5- Now remove the USB drive from your computer and reset the operations to a Chromebook that you think I bothered by Chrome OS is missing or damaged error.

Step 6- Now turn on your device and hold on to escape and refresh keys on your keyboard which will lead your device into the recovery mode.

Step 7- Now whenever you see the Chrome OS is missing or damaged error on your screen insert the USB drive into the device and perform the installation of Chrome OS following the wizard.

Now open your computer and check whether this error has vanished or not.


Hope that this article was successful in providing you a smooth working on your device.

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