Cleaning YouTube Of Bad Content A Near Impossible Task For Google, Says Google CEO

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai said that YouTube platform is too large and immense to completely keep it clean of harmful content. In recent years the content on YouTube has come under fire from several quarters due to Sandy Hook massacre videos to hate videos uploaded by supremacists that the keep appearing even though company staff attempt to filter it. In a recent interview Mr. Pichai was asked if it will be able to employ enough staff to filter and remove such content to which he replied that they are using a combination of humans and machines to manage the problem.

They have been successful in removing nearly 99 % but then there is that 1 % that always creeps in as the platform is quite large. He elaborated that the situation is something similar to credit card fraud where despite plugging loopholes in every way possible their tiny slip-ups that keep occurring now and then. But he is confident that with the progress that they are making now enforcement will be stronger in the days to come. He expressed regret about not starting on the cleaning up process earlier as some of the hate videos had been running for several years.

He acknowledged that they did not get several things right and did not follow a strong policy about content management. The cleanup drive at YouTube began with supremacist content when it announced on a blog post about prohibiting videos that justify discrimination and segregation based on age, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. YouTube has also been accused of recommending videos of underage girls to watchers of erotic videos based on their viewing preferences. YouTube also said that it was expanding its policy about borderline content to countries outside USA that could be used to spread misinformation and fake news.

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